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Get access to exclusive member-only resources, including tools, templates, and kits designed specifically for visual artists.

We’ll be your guide as we design your art practice for profitability, and develop a successful lead generation strategy.

Get a proper website that attracts your ideal art buyer and sell your art online or offline through your studio.

Get the help you need to succeed, even if you're not ready yet.

Success in the art world means different things to different artists. Some work for the pleasure of making, while others seek to build a name for themselves, gaining international exposure, exhibiting in top-tier galleries, art fairs and being featured on online art market places like artsy.net or making it on their own while selling independently.

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Leila W., Mixed Media Artist

Andrea took the stress off my shoulders by working with me on my 12 month roadmap, developing a consistent pricing strategy and new website, so I could sell my art directly to my collectors.

We take a different path to success


Design The Future you want

Develop a winning business strategy to design the kind of studio practice you are excited about.


Captivate your Ideal Art Buyer On your Website

Build a proper website with our unique blueprint, so it clearly tells your story and makes it easy for art lovers to buy your art, even if you have gallery representation.


Attract and Engage with the right people

Build trust and credibility with art collectors and grow your professional visibility as a visual artist.

You are ready to take the leap and commit to your art practice full-time, but that voice in the back of your head keeps saying:

Create a studio practice that is both profitable and meaningful.

We’re obsessed with helping visual artists with creating a value-aligned business strategy and marketing plan. We take a holistic approach with your art biz strategy, ensuring that your studio practice is built on a solid business foundation. 

Think Strategically

Make informed decisions and have clarity on what to prioritize on when you're working on marketing and art sales.

Feel empowered

Develop a 30/60/90 day plan with action steps that feels empowering to you - and gives you freedom in the studio.

Be Consistent

Fix your website and marketing strategy so that is as clear and consistent, no matter how often you post.

Three ways we can help you

Vivid Creative is already helping visual artists just like you, streamline their art practices, so you can make art and a profit without selling your soul.

Art Biz Startup

Half Day
  • Everything necessary to jumpstart your art business.

Art Biz Growth

6 Sessions
  • Tailored insights and strategies to grow your art practice.

Art Biz Mastery

12 Months
  • Personalized guidance to succeed in your art business all year.
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Having tailored, 1:1 guidance from an expert will for sure help any artist! It will help you grow as an entrepreneur not mentioning it saves you a bunch of time, which can be spent creating art, instead of struggling with writing BIO, CV or coming up with captivating Artist Statement. Andrea and Vivid Creative has done a great job and I really recommend any of you to go check her website, she shares her knowledge, and experience focused on the business side of your art journey!

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Hey, I'm Andrea

Sculptor, Creative Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Curator, Creative Director and aspiring philanthropist.

Several years ago, I ran a 6-figure design practice, taking on client projects while living all over the world.

You would think that is every creator’s dream, and while it was fulfilling most of the time, I knew I wasn’t living out my purpose yet.

During the covid pandemic, I talked with lots of other artists and creatives and I what I heard from them the most is “I don’t know how to do the business stuff” or “I don’t know how to make consistent money with my art’ or “Where do I find people that would love to buy my art?”

That was my lightbulb moment.

The step-by-step guide to creating a 6-figure art practice.

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