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Build a profitable art business doing what you love.

Learn the 7-step-process that teaches Visual Artists how to run a profitable art business so you can take control of your economic future.

Business Coaching for Visual Artists with Andrea La Valleur-Purvis at Vivid Creative
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Leila W., Mixed Media Artist

Andrea took the stress off my shoulders by working with me on my 12 month roadmap, developing a consistent pricing strategy and new website, so I could sell my art directly to my collectors.

You are ready to take the leap and commit to your art business full-time, but that voice in the back of your head keeps saying:


Design The Future you want

Develop a winning strategy to design the kind of art business you are excited about.


Captivate your Ideal Art Buyer On your Website

Fix your artist website with our unique blueprint, so it clearly tells your unique value proposition and makes it easy for art lovers to buy from you.


Attract and Engage with the right people

Build trust and credibility with art lovers, enthusiasts and collectors on your email list and strategic social channels.

Why you should get help from experts before you're ready.

Most of our clients say ‘ I wish I would have met you months (even years) ago’. If you’re dreaming of running a profitable art business but you just don’t know how to do it consistently, you’re in the right place.

waco artist wendy michelle davis profile
Wendy Michelle Davis, Painter

Vivid Creative's Pricing Calculator is exactly what I've been needing. Instead of ball-park pricing my work, I am now pricing my paintings with more consistency, and with much more ease and increase my prices.

Art Business Coach andrea la valleur purvis in the studio welding a metal sculpture

Build a money-making art business that feels value aligned

It can be overwhelming to balance making art and making money from your art. You want to feel authentic and confident and charge what your art is worth.

As Art Business Coaches, we want you to succeed, here’s how we can help:

Think Strategically

Make informed decisions and have clarity on what to prioritize on when you're working on marketing and art sales.

Feel empowered

Develop a 30/60/90 day plan with action steps that feels empowering to you - and gives you freedom in the studio.

Be Consistent

Fix your website and marketing strategy so that is as clear and consistent, no matter how often you post.

You can have a 6-figure art business

Vivid Creative is already helping visual artists just like you, streamline their art practices,
so you can make art and a profit.

Artist Website

  • Sell your art online with a proper artist website with the latest tech already built in.

Artist Pro Circle

  • Get support & accountability in your journey as a full-time artist. Seats limited

Art Biz Consulting

  • 1:1 business consulting for visual artists, plus essential advice, strategies and tools for your art business.

Starter kits

starting from $27
  • Get instant access to professional artist's business resources, ready to use templates and more.


Monthly Sessions
  • Get clear on your priorities, receive 1 on 1 attention, and see results on several areas of your creative practice.

VIP Intensive

One time session
  • A strategic deep dive on your creative business and website with 6 hours dedicated to your unique needs.

Results creatives are getting from working with us

testimony norella coaching+vivid creative business strategy
Working with Andrea was just what I needed to help me move past my overwhelm and become confident in executing my business development plan. I knew where I wanted to go, and Andrea offered the roadmap and practical directions for how to get there. She helped me refine my intentions and held me accountable to the steps we identified. I felt supported and empowered both through her coaching and her technical expertise.
Nicole Norella
Head Coach, Norella Coaching
I love working with Andrea! My second session with her was encouraging, challenging (the good kind), and I left feeling prepared to accomplish my goals.
Lauren da Silva
Author, Creative Entrepreneur
The greatest thing you’ve added for me is the strategy portion, because I’m creative, I’m an artist, I have a lot of ideas, I have a lot of skills in my tool box and sometimes, I’m so detailed, I can literally bog myself down. You’ve helped me zoom out, looking at the big picture, and then you’ll introduce things, at just the right pace, and it keeps me moving and not tangled up in the details.

You have been very good at listening to me as we have navigated, when this arose, you reconsidered priority, and content. You’re able to pivot towards my needs when unforeseen circumstances come up - And all of a sudden it started to fit better. That made it more valuable for me. You were like a strategic Ninja!
Leila W.
Mixed Media Artist
My old website did not reflect the work the way I want to be observed. I tried to do it myself but kept breaking things - Thank you so much for helping me create my website!
Rocky Martinez
Andrea at Vivid Creative, you are absolutely amazing! The energy, drive, passion you demonstrated during our virtual meetings was awesome in addition to getting the clarity I needed to build my courses and consulting offers. I have Andrea to thank for opening my eyes to how good design and copy can make all the difference in my online sales. You rock!
Renee Fry
Podcaster & Course Creator

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