Rethinking art as a business

We help visual artists to define their artistic and financial aspirations to strategically design their art practice without the one-size fits all approach.

The most talented artists aren’t the one’s earning the most from their work — the ones who think like entrepreneurs and act like marketers, do.

We believe in
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Why we love designing profitable art based businesses

Because we are artists, too.

Our Founder, Andrea La Valleur-Purvis, earned her BFA in Sculpture from the College of Visual Arts and spent several years in her early career working with professional artists and Fine Art companies. 

Over the years, she became an avid art lover and advocate for artists who want to learn about entrepreneurship and the realities of running a profitable studio practice.

Together we want to:

Who We Work with

Our clients are late-emerging, re-emerging (career-change) and mid-career artists who are in pursuit of building a career from their art. 

Motivated visual artists who have a steady studio practice already in place and seek to grow their visibility, make a name for themselves or build a consistent, profitable revenue strategy. 

While the foundations of running an art practice borrow from business and marketing best practices, the strategy we develop with you, is tailored to your aspirations.

Visual Artists who
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Our mission at Vivid Creative is to give motivated artists the tools and strategies they need to think like entrepreneurs and act like marketers.

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I'm Andrea, Artist, Art Business Coach, and your secret advantage.

I founded Vivid Creative to help studio artists who feel stuck and are not making the money they want from their work.

They want a comprehensive approach with a coach who will really listen, understand the market and provide solutions tailored to their needs.

Together we design a strategy that aligns with their values, gets them moving towards their aspirations and gets them feeling empowered in making a 6-figure income from their studio practice.

I recently completed working on a 6 part public sculpture installation with artist friend Morgan Eyring for Creative Waco, City of Waco, and TXDOT in September 2023. Photos by Daniel Mueller Photography

Back in Spring of 2006, I created my first creative business, as a freelance Creative Director and designer, to help small business owners get online with their first website. 

Since then, my skills have evolved across the digital landscape, intersecting with business, strategy, creative and marketing. I earned a post-grad in Design Thinking and Innovation learning from the best teachers at MIT Sloan, Tuck and Columbia. Later I learned about the global art market, Art Marketing from Sotheby’s Institute and Designing Winning Strategies from IDEO.

My creative career has taken me across Europe and the US, working in-house and remotely on digital projects for visionary companies in the tech industry including Amazon, Facebook, Telecom Infra Project, Sony, FareCompare and Microsoft.

I experience art as an expression of self, which bridges healing by connecting artist and audience through their unique aesthetic. This experience leads us into a positive emotional and energetic state. We feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Facilitating this connection through a strategy and learning is important to me, because it contributes to the holistic connection of the artist and with their audience.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve experienced the roller-coaster of running a location-independent creative business. There is no beeline, that’s for sure.

Along the way, I’ve discovered how to ask better questions, follow design thinking principles that solve just about every modern business pain-point and apply marketing best practices.

I understand what you need to create and grow a successful art business. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just want to improve your website, or diversify your revenue strategy, then you’re in the right place.

My parents were creators and entrepreneurs, and I’ve started three online businesses before investing my collective knowledge in Vivid Creative. After two decades working as a Designer and Creative Director, I’m taking my expertise and applying it to something new.

My mantra is that progress = happiness so I’m always learning, experimenting and collaborating.

The goal of Vivid Creative is to bring the incredible work of today’s artists to a broader audience. Many contemporary artists don’t have proper websites to they sell their work directly to art lovers and collectors, I want to change that.

To your success,

Xo Andrea

Andrea La Valleur-Purvis
Artist and Director of Creative Strategy, Vivid Creative

P.S. We are looking for a global team of subject matter experts, including art marketers, digital marketers, art sales and art business leaders. If you want to collaborate – contact Andrea here

I Believe

We are all have a purpose to share with the world that is deeply fulfilling.

My best self

I devote countless hours to becoming a better woman, leader and designer, so I can give you my very best.

Favorite food

Without a doubt - tacos. Ok and crunchy chocolate chip cookies, anything Thai and home made bread with lots of butter.

Favorite Places

Anywhere I have favorite people - including Seattle, Minneapolis, Barcelona, Southwest England, Melbourne and Porto.

First Art Exhibition

At the tender age of 5, my mum entered me in an art competition. I won and my artwork was exhibited at the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt, Germany, the epicenter of Jugendstil artists' colony and Unesco World Heritage site.